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BFA - 2016

"Landscape is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock" - Ken Taylor


My current body of work attempts to explore and respond to the emotive and psychological idea; what constitutes landscape, why I feel connected with it, and how through the varied use and application of paint, inclusion of symbols or motifs a visual language of my own can be developed, creating something interesting where the viewer can determine for themselves the meaning of the artwork and how to respond.


Through varied layering, pouring and manipulation of paint, use of scale, the inclusion or exclusion of elements, text or symbols and the use of a limited palette, these abstracted topographical landscapes seek to explore and evoke ideas about how identity, connection, trace, residue and belonging can be constituted through place.


These ideas together with reconciling how, since settlement, man has influenced, manipulated and controlled the land have become central to the way I attempt to evoke connection and belonging. The land bears scars and residue of man’s endeavors yet there is still inherent beauty in the vast emptiness, which often extends beyond just what we see.  


Exhibition work - 29 June 2016


"The past lives on in art and memory, but it is not static: it shifts and changes as the present throws its shadow backwards.  The landscape also changes, but far more slowly; it is a living link between what we were and what we have become" - Ken Taylor

Current work in progress - July to October 2016