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Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design's BFA graduates exhibit year long work "Culmination of Four", on from November 7 at ArtBox.

As part of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design’s graduate exhibition, Viv Wotton will present new work from her ongoing series of abstract, topographical landscapes which seek to further explore and evoke ideas about identity, connection, trace, residue and belonging, and how these can be constituted through place.  Wotton shares, "When I look at the New Zealand landscape, I feel instantly grounded and connected to it.  It's like I'm home and I can feel all its history".  


Wotton grew up on the Waitaki plains just north of Oamaru, and her strong connection with land and linking this with identity and ideas of belonging go hand in hand with concerns about past histories, land use, settlement, and how the land has given over to human endeavour.  Wotton's interest in history and memory collectively work together with an exploration into the physicality of paint and how through manipulation, layering, tipping and pouring land strata and a strong sense of place can be evoked. 

In this BFA graduate show for Whitecliffe College of Art and Design students, Viv exhibits work on canvas, panel and paper combining visual elements such as text, motif, silver and copper leaf, which she crafts together in order to develop her own visual language, both revealing and obscuring meaning like strata of the land itself.  "I'm trying to demonstrate and evoke a real sense of belonging, connection and sense of place within my work, and I would hope that people will also be able to connect with the work on their own terms".

Showing alongside Wotton are fellow graduates from year four fine arts, Tina Neale, Cheyenne Ray and Patricia Parkin.  The graduating work will be exhibited to the public from 8th to 11th November at ARA's ArtBox Gallery, 130 Madras Street, in Christchurch between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm daily with an opening evening on Monday, 7th Novmber at 6:00pm.  

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